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. there is about $120 million being spent on these three collections. 30 is governor brown's tax measure and-fast to save cut to the k-12 system. there is another proposition average person does that put on her thing for a great day-12. --k-12. >> i think the poll showed that proposition 30 is close it depends on the turn out. i think it has a very good chance of passing. proposition 38 has a much harder road to climb because the advertiser and has not started to the last weekend. before people were trying to make up their minds both of these are aimed at increasing funds for school. what is the difference. >> 30 best-proposition 30 is a combination of income tax increase in sales increase. there is a limit on how long the income tax increase is on 30. it is specifically to stave off budget cuts that are cut by the deficit from grades k-12. proposition 38 is only through gate grades kk-12. there is some issue about what commercial proposition 38 sang this one is separate from the legislation and and only goes to great k-12. in terms of the democratic machine proposition 30 has much higher up
is joining us with what brown mitt romney is hoping to be his path to victory. >> that romney has already wrapped up his first campaign event and what will be a very long day. he told reporters the 1 job until the election is to get out and vote because every vote counts. this race is too close to call. he is trying to reach those undecided voters in a deeply divided country. it romney is taking his final lap through the battleground to deny president obama a second term. >> has plans to take his ideas from the first term and do them all over again. he calls this plan for word. i call it for warned. >> president obama has a slight edge in the swing states. i allow ohio virginia and pennsylvania >> we would keep together with the help of pennsylvania >> many think romney cannot win without the buckeye state. and it has given the president an edge. >> he was against saving the auto industry and the state were one and eight jobs is connected to the auto industry. >> any day that that news media is not talking about the jobs and economy has a good day for brock obama. >> there's one more day
governor jerry brown said will likely not happen. what is the university have to make ends meet? they could very well raise tuition. protesters have been killing of an eye to protest a possibility. fleer in san francisco and that is where not mike pelton is standing by. >> of there is lots going on out here. they are certainly awakened going at it this morning. the protest has taken over the middle of the street at 16th and all in. 15 minutes ago about 75 students started marching in a circle some of them with signs and banners. as you can see there's a whole band in the middle of the crosswalk on all in street. their protest ito's proposed in the increases. the ban is kind of marks and out of you can see of but a lot of them are very much against the proposed increases. a couple of police officers came into the middle of the street to prevent them from dealing desks and is starting to pick up just a short time ago. they're not really able to contain this group. there a few police officers in the background trying to make sure that everything does not get too much out of hand. flatcars try
is the proposition 30. the i think that was a good thing jerry brown put a lot of political capital on this. unions went for it. >> i will put this out there. because of this victory because of the way he brought businesses and people together this i think it was a good trial on four whether jerry brown is on to think seriously about running in 2016. >> really. for president? >> yes. to meet the visibility that the energy he would 4 on proposition 30 in the fact that he won against people spending is zillion dollars against it is a good sign for him. >> how old will >>. >> i did not think age is a matter. >> the runs. aids is becoming less and less of an issue whether it is on the young in. in terms of like a president obama on or on the older in. as long as everything up here is working and you look fit people give you a pass. >> we will continue to talk to you in digest the elections stuff throughout the morning. do not always take a little nap. >> if ok. i was a slate of the desk. >> if you want to connect with michael it could follow on twitter his handle is atyaki .com or you can read his bloc
$100,000. governor jerry brown will attend the uc regents' meeting today in san francisco. the water regions is postponing a plan to raise fees for many professional degree programs because the governor is asking for them to put that off. the plan has been slated for voting on at today's board meeting. meanwhile the governing board of california state university has also heeded the plea from governor brown to postpone to was in height. the proposed fees are intended to improve the graduation rate and free classrooms is for 18,000 new students by charging a super senior feat. students who have accumulated 160 units would have been charged a per unit feat. governor brown says the cost should be controlled and not pass a law to students. >> the dow jones industrial average is down a point. sit-in at 12,00749. facebook shares on the rise of 10% of $2 per share. >> now to the latest of the scandal surrounding former cia director david petreas. we learned that he will testify on a congressional hearing on libya despite resigning after having an affair with his biographer paul brought well.
. >> it is starting to have the facts out here. there on what they call a brown hold. traffic is backing up as far as flights ago. -- ground hold a there's probably a dozen are some flights that have been delayed. you can see that they're waiting for the aircraft to come in. the arrivals right now are delayed summer between 25 minutes an hour and a half. that may go up as the day goes on because the are arriving flights are delayed. this means sooner than later it will have an effect on all of the departing flights. right now probably a dozen plastic flights right now affected due to the weather. it will get probably a little worse before it gets better. if you're traveling today the best thing you can do is call ahead and make sure your flight is not affected. it may be affected, you will definitely have to check. every airline here in sfo, call ahead before you come to the airport today. >> of the runways are too close together so they have to stagger the flights to land. >> you do not want to be too close together with the car and weather like this. it is hard to see. >> especially the north ba
property is supported by governor brown and used his appearance for the commonwealth club in san francisco yesterday for that temporary tax increase. >> money into schools and colleges into the california dream are out. and are out, yes are no, on our off there is no middle way. >> most of the audience in to support prop 30 but is by no means a sure thing. the current poll shows that support has dropped over time. there is still a chance property could pass the competing measures prop. 38 and that is in big trouble. the poll finds that 34 percent support that proposition and 49 percent oppose it 17 percent are undecided. we're down to just a few days before a decision 2012 and the big election. we'll have nonstop coverage starting tuesday at 8:00 p.m. until after the polls close. we'll have the results in the reactions here on kron4. you can also check our web site and facebook and twitter pages. >> whereby to take a break, a live look outside from our south bay camera. this is the san jose camera the 1 01 and 87 interchange and traffic is still moving this and 87 interchange and traff[ ma
man late mid to late 20s talal hundred and 40 lbs. of goatee and short brown spiked hair. fabled throw off in a newer model dodge ram pickup truck. >> of investigators and walnut creek looking for a mcmann the tried to abduct a woman. she was walking to the parking lot to her car with the two men attacked. >> they accosted her and forced her into her own vehicle where they blindfolded her and tied her feet in her hands. they drove around for what we think is several hours attempted to obtain money from her bank accounts. >> please think the suspect stop at a different atms forcing her to take out money at each one. they even solenodon ago and oakland hoses and someone found her and let and called line and won one. she was taken to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries. >> let's get a live look outside the golden gate bridge. the cars in the lead to fall here on the golden gate bridge traffic is moving ok. what you cannot see as how cold increase it is out there. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all, to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and sa
right after they fired mike brown the lakers beat up on the warriors 1 01 to 79. the new coach and a revived interest in the lakers. bad news for the golden state warriors. lakers. bad news for the golden state warriors. >> it sleep train has your ticket to tempur-pedic. lakers. bad news for the experience thearriors. pressure-relieving comfort of tempur-pedic, and sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. get 36 months interest-free financing: no down, and no interest for 3 years. plus, get free same-day delivery. sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee, interest-free financing, and free delivery? that's the ticket! sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic ends soon. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ my keep your eyes on wall street we are up four points since friday and is now at the line blackberry sang is finally going to launch it blackberry tenen let's get into details with that. research in motion says that on january 30th the blackberry tend is going to launch. --10 to hold on to customers who are basically abandoning bl
. south bay for delay in with the earlier problems north brown at tully road, capitol expressway the drive time turn normal. 26 minutes here. the commute to marin county ride at 32 to 34 minutes from the bottle down to the golden gate bridge. >> this just in to kron 4. live on our segment it had been thought that it looked good for alex smithsonite and now espn guys are tweaking they got the word that alex smith is out. >>darya and gary are reporting alex smith would not apply. >> reportedly he did not make it through the serology test. neurology test. they put a helmet on him they smacked his head with a pad and they looked at him for signs of a concussion. >> they smacked his head and it just went wobbly. >> if this is how they do it what? >> every sign pointed toward him play. >> the espn tweetrs reports. they said no he failed the test will not play. >> now we are even chicago does not have their starting quarterback cutler. the 49ers do not have their guy either. it is all fair with the raiders. they all had concussions. >> this is three games in a row. >> paulo you know and love our
there is a possibility that this finding could be a brown door which is basically a failed star which is big enough to ignite itself into a star and then didn't and then can the collapsed into itself. they're looking into apps. >> a statewide survey shows of their more drug drivers and drunken drivers on california roads over the weekend. the office of traffic safety said the 14 percent of the drivers survey tested positive for driving under the influence of the legal or prescription drugs. a little under 7 percent alcohol in their system. marijuana was the most prevalent drug with 7.4 percent of drivers have been caught in their system. >> when >> was supposed to feature to the top defenses and leave it was like thieves chicago bears did not show up. there rolled over without a problem even without starting quarterback alex smith. backup quarterback collin kaepernick had a terrific night last night. he threw 243 yds and two touchdowns. the forty-niners winning easily. the big question is no who should be the starting quarterback? a lot of people are saying maybe he should start this coming sunday
willie brown and the san francisco gay men scores. it is 7:36 a.m. and we will be back in a few minutes. the traffic and san jose the 1 01 southbound does not look too bad. it is hazy gray but not totally fog ban like we were yesterday. we will be right back. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. >> apple will sell out its new slimmed down i mac desktop computers on friday. the cost will be $1,300 and up. depending on the configuration. the model with a 27 in. screen is $1,800. the new models have no disk drive helping make the edges one-fifth the thickness of the old models. >> it appears that buying all the gifts made in the 12 major days of christmas song will cost you more than it did last year. blame the birds of musicians and jewelry. cuban music. we have video. these of lay and french hands and seven swathis'p feed costs for the birds. five golden rings soared more than 16 percent thanks to rising gold prices. if y
a young woman in her 20s woke up and found a man inside her bed room for brown to 20 a.m.. police say she screamed and after a brief struggle the suspect fled the apartment. no word if she was the only one in sight at the time. at this point police are treating this as a burglary but are looking to see if it might have been an attempted sexual assault. off the good news is the victim is ok. she did suffer a bruised wrist, but physically is ok. police questioned her at the station early this morning to obtain more information. they still have a very vague suspect description. they say the suspect is a man he was born dark clothing clearly a very vague description. they are trying to improve that. they have however, in the palearn the sust gain entry by forcing open a door. they brought k-9 units out early this morning that led them nowhere. they still have some officers and surrounding neighborhoods looking to see if there is anyone suspicious. i have seen some of them questioned the neighbors, but at this point still a very vague suspect description. >> thank you mike for that new informa
before the commute is over. at the bay bridge west brown predicted size backup right to west grant avenue at the edge of the car the maze. for your ride to the golden gate bridge steady in slow traffic here both on the stand and through marin on 101 south bound. >> it looks like we they have seen the end of the storm that blew through here overnight. let us go to our sole reporter jackie sissel is out at the richmond san rafael bridge. >> i am looking at mount tam you can see a little blue sky in the background it started to clear up. over in the north bay. i met the richmond san rafael bridge. if i turn the cam to downtown san francisco you concede that downtown san francisco is covered in clouds and fog a much different thing that we saw last night especially in the north bay. all of rowntree time start to see the rain come down and was steady of nylon. we start to seize records about an hour or an half an hour ago. >> jackie was on about the clouds is starting to dry up around the bay area. satellite and radar showed a wider view. a lot of that system is continuing to push its way sout
with jerry brown later. >> we will be back with more in a few moments. the latest developments on a story that is happening out of daly city. the water, the mod and three also have the very latest on the weather. [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all, to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor. a feeding frenzy, to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever your craving. spend $25, and get a frozen safeway turkey for 59 cents a pound. or spend $25, and a frozen butterball turkey, just 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. >> microsoft is showing some losses. >> there is some positive business news with tess law has been named car of the year. it is the first time that it has named tesla.... the for fusion, the porsche 911 was a possibility the ford fusion was also a contender but the tesla was the top winner. for the motor trend car of the eater. however, if it is $50,000-almost $100,000. >> one of the
. for brown sisters in the back and we do not know they were wearing seat belts at the townime. the chp was fortunately still in the car and buckled up. the spokeswoman says that is the only reason he suffered not minor injuries. most people in the as to be worked out as at the time. they are grieving and getting their injuries check out. they should know more on what exactly what happened in causes accident. we do know that alcohol the not play a factor in the us. even when they were seeing the victims they did not smell any alcohol on their breaths. we do not know they were speeding or drowsy. i can tell you about 20 months ago they finally opened up a second lien on northbound 1 01 are on the oregon expressway. that is are now clear things up just a bit. traffic is still backed up for miles and it looks like 15 will probably be like this until around noon or 1:00 this afternoon. >> they give for the updates and the information you been providing us with this morning. we're trying to look at traffic in the area. >> this is the only half of that we have is this fatal accident in palo a
ago and he said brown but to the city for coming out here because there's no wasted time more action. ther the higher harder it rains the higher the water goes out. a few days ago it was leading into the reservoir. when the sun up they did not put any netting or anything to prevent any erosion from taking place at the base. if it is to the road is going to come down. we'll take the camera off the drive by just a show you what they plan to do if there is a resin with the mudslides and the rain fall now of the soil has been changed. we'll walk up the helm and this is where the water gets down to a is a little flatter area. you can see they put down hay here and strong and even a big net or cheesecloth material over the cards and just to absorb any possible rain fall. are the at past couple of days these excavators to dig up mind in trying to dig out storage storm drains and. did the water comes down will flow directly into the storm drains and out of here. this is a temporary fix in a the rainfall is going happen over the next several days. once they get the sunshine and a little bit o
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17